Dimensions of Brand Personality

Aakers’s article pointed out the limitation of brand personality research due to ambiguous definition around this area and criticized the absence of reliable criterions in terms of brand personality measurement. This article is determined to develop new framework and introduce generalized and stable system to analysis brand personality across different product categories.

Brand personality is defined as “the set of human characteristics associated with a brand”. According to the paper, majority of the previous research believed preference of brand increased when consumers found great congruence between reflected traits from brand attributes and the actual or ideal self which was hidden inside the individual character. However, brand personality scale cannot entirely rely on the human personality scales, such as “Big five”. Human personality and brand personality are formed differently and the former sometimes fails to reflect through the latter.

Within the experimental stage, personality traits and stimuli (brands) have been carefully selected to avoid possible bias. Five brand personality dimensions – Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication and Ruggedness – have been abstracted by the given criteria and its stability among various candidate groups has been examined through qualitative and quantitative methods. Moreover, this research tries to indicate the highest personality traits correlate to the five brand personality dimensions. There are 42 traits ended in the final brand personality scale.

Since brand personality dimensions have be tested under the circumstances of subject sample and brands (stimuli) changing within shorten period, this research findings possess high level of reliability and authenticity. Although some demographic elements such as culture differences still required future experiment, it clarified that brand personality dimensions weighted differently which directly influence the effectiveness on brand preference. Also, it offered business implementation cause “with the use of the brand personality scale, the variables can be manipulated systematically and their impact on a brand’s personality measured.”

In reality, brand personalities create differentiation. It makes brand become more interesting and memorable. For example, Dove often perceived as friendly, sincere, confident, mind-independent, and feminine, however, it adds certain unique aspect of brand personality into the commercial to show the excitement and masculine side of the brand when the target segment becomes man.

Dove Hair: Love Your Curls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou7CyPtkpng

Dove Men + Care | Hilarious Dove Commercial Warns Against Using Women’s Shampoo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBSannt9qXs


Aaker, L. J. (1997) “Dimensions of Brand Personality” Jounal of Marketing Research. Vol. XXXIV, 347-356.

Written by: Yixin ‘July’ Jiang

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